This page contains explanation of all the registry values used by the application. Note that usually you do not need to modify the values directly in registry as you can use the Media Center Status Tool Configuration application to modify the settings.

Stored in registry in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Hamar Data\FBMCE"
  • ClearStatusOnExit - 1 to clear status when exiting WMC. Default is 0.
  • ConfirmUpdate_Facebook - 1 if you want the Tool to confirm update before updating Facebook status. Default is 0.
  • ConfirmUpdate_Twitter - 1 if you want the Tool to confirm update before updating Twitter status. Default is 0.
  • Debug - Deprecated at the moment (version 0.6.3 and later), not working like described here. 1 to enable debug mode when status changes are only shown in WMC. Default is 0.
  • EventsConfig_Music_AlbumMode - When listening to music, if this value is 0, will update status on every track (ARTIST - TRACK). If value is 1, will update status on every album (ARTIST - ALBUM). Default is 0.
  • EventsConfig_[MEDIA_TYPE]_QueryAmazon - You can enable/disable Amazon queries for each media type before Facebook wall post. This has effect only when Facebook Wall posting is enabled. Default is 1 for DVD, Video, Music. 0 for the rest.
  • EventsConfig_[MEDIA_TYPE]_StatusString - You can customize status strings using this value. Tupe in media spe cific string and use %TITLE% to mark the location where the title of the currently played media will be inserted. Default varies based on media.
  • EventsEnabled_Service_Facebook - 1 to enable status updating to Facebook. Default is 1.
  • EventsEnabled_Service_Twitter- 1 to enable status updating to Twitter. Default is 1.
  • EventsEnabled_Service_TwitterFriends - 1 to enable Media Center to display status changes of your Twitter friends. Default is 1.
  • EventsEnabled_Service_Xml - 1 to enable status updating to an XML file. Default is 0.
  • EventsEnabled_[MEDIA_TYPE] - 1 to enable status updating for the given media. Default is 1 except for RecordingTV where default is 0.
  • Exclusion_[MEDIA_TYPE]_RegExp - Regular Expression defining what media titles to exclude from status updating. Default in TV is "No data available".
  • PollingInterval - Polling interval in milliseconds of how often media status is queried. Default is 10000.
  • Service_Xml_File - XML file where status is stored if EventsEnabled_Service_Xml is set to 1. Default is "status.xml". This must contain also full path to the file.
  • Service_All_AmazonLocaleUrl - Current selected Amazon locale URL that is used for Amazon queries.
  • Service_Facebook_StreamEnabled - Whether Facebook Wall updates are in use. Default is 1.
  • Service_Facebook_StatusEnabled - Wheter Facebook Status updates are in use. Default is 0.
  • Service_Facebook_TimeEnabled - Times when Facebook status will be updated. Format "HH-HH", where first HH is starting hour in 24 hour format and second HH is ending hour in 24 hour format. E.g., 18-02 will only update Facebook status between 18:00 and 02:00 (6 pm-2 am).
  • Service_Twitter_TimeEnabled - Times when Twitter status will be updated.
  • Service_Twitter_Friends - List of friends whose Twitter status updates you want to see in Media Center. Use Twitter Screen names and separate multiple entries with comma or semi-colon (, or ;). If this value is empty, you will see status updates of all of your friends.
  • Service_Twitter_Friends_TimesPerHour - Times per hour how many times Twitter friend statuses will be queried. Twitter has a limit of 100 queries per hour, so you should not put this anywhere near 100. Default is 12. This value is not accurate, the actual number of queries per hour may be few smaller or bigger.
  • Service_Twitter_EnableSuspend - Whether Twitter suspend button is visible on Tweet dialogs. Default is 1.
  • Service_Twitter_SuspendTime - Time in minutes of how long Twitter tweets are suspended when Suspend button is clicked. Default is 120.
  • Service_Xml_ClearWhenNoMedia - Clear XML status when there is no active media being played.
  • Service_Xml_ClearStatusOnExit - Clear XML status when exiting Media Center
*** Other registry values are not yet implemented.

User specific configuration values
Stored in registry in "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Hamar Data\FBMCE":
  • Facebook_AccessToken - Facebook access token required so that you won't have to login to Facebook whenever you restart WMC. If you wish to clear the persistent session selection you made, clear this value and restart WMC.
  • Twitter_AccessToken - Twitter access token required so that you won't have to login to Twitter whenever you restart WMC.
  • Twitter_AccessTokenSecret - Twitter access token secret related to access token and required so that you won't have to login to Twitter whenever you restart WMC.