August 2, 2013
Version 0.6.8
* Twitter login issues fixed (app now supports Twitter API 1.1)

May 17, 2013
Version 0.6.7
* Facebook login issues fixed

August 1, 2012
Version 0.6.6
* Twitted suspend now clears Tweet queue which prevents queued tweets from appearing after suspend has been clicked.

May 24, 2012
Version 0.6.5
* Facebook login dialog now remembers credentials

April 23, 2012
Version 0.6.4
* Facebook login dialog wasn’t displayed in all scenarios, so use couldn’t login to Facebook after starting Media Center
* Amazon media query was completely broken due changes in Amazon service

April 3, 2012
Version 0.6.3
+ Displaying tweets can be suspended

September 3, 2011
Version 0.6.2 Release
* Fixed Facebook login not working
* Lot of internal code cleaning of unused stuff

February 4, 2011
Version 0.6.2 Release Candidate
* Fixed Twitter login not working

December 30, 2010
Version 0.6.2 Beta
+ Option to clear XML status when there is no active media in Media Center, or when Media Center is closed. Also some additional details of the media available in XML.

November 6, 2010
* Fixed Twitter functionality

October 11, 2010
Version 0.6.1
+ Uses OAuth to authenticate to Facebook and Twitter (meaning that logging in works better, is faster and is future proof)
+ Also uses Facebook Graph API to communicate with Facebook (also making the application more future proof)
* Fixed stream publishing to Facebook when Amazon query was enabled but no hit was found
* Removed unnecessary Amazon link from Facebook stream post
* Publishing media details fetched from Amazon now works again

August 26, 2009
Version 0.6
+ Option to post new item to user's Facebook Wall instead of changing user Status. Configuration tool can be used to select whether to post to Wall, update user Status or do both.
+ User may configure specific Amazon shop (US/UK/FR/DE/JP/CA) which is queried before wall post in order to try to get some details, cover and rating of the media being played.
+ User may select what media types have Amazon queries enabled. By default Music, DVD, Video have queries enabled. TV related media types don't have it enabled by default as very few TV series have DVD boxes, resulting incorrect search results.
+ Extended permissions are now requested during Facebook login process (upon Media Center startup), so there is no need to grant permissions beforehand. Existing extended permission web page will remain for troubleshooting purposes.
+ If Facebook status update type is Wall, Facebook friends may hide status update messages on their News feed. Because of this, you might want to make sure not to spam your friends too much, so consider enabling Status update confirmation in configuration tool and/or increase the polling time to maybe few minutes.
* Uses new Facebook desktop application authentication method.
* No longer gets current Status from Facebook upon startup
* No longer uses soon-to-be-deprecated Facebook domains. NOTE! Old versions (pre 0.6) of the application will STOP working when Facebook removes the old domains, so please update as soon as possible.

July 3, 2009
Version 0.5.4
+ Option to fully customize status strings

June 28, 2009
* Fixed 32 bit Configuration Tool to update Recording TV event configuration values
* Fixed issue that caused error message if Facebook events were disabled but Twitter events were enabled

June 26, 2009
Version 0.5.3
+ Option to update status when TV show is being recorded, status will be "is recording PROGRAM NAME"
* Configuration Tool now correctly shows UAC dialog when starting
* Vista support is back

May 14, 2009
* No more error messages if you hit Cancel on Twitter login dialog
* Fixed a bug when Twitter status wasn't updated when Facebook login was cancelled

April 24, 2009
+ Fixed Twitter Friends status display

April 5, 2009
Version 0.5.2
+ Own tweets are not shown if Twitter friends status update display is enabled
+ You can now define which friends' tweets are shown
+ Configuration tool is now installed with the application

March 13, 2009
Version 0.5.1
+ It's now possible to show your Twitter friends' status updates in Media Center almost real time
+ Configuration tool was updated to support new configuration values

March 5, 2009
Version 0.5
+ Twitter support. Status can be updated also to Twitter.
+ Removed "Facebook" from the application name as it is now so much more than just Facebook status update.
+ Configuration tool was also updated to support Twitter configuration values


+ New feature
* Change or fix