Media Center Status Application

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Using Media Center Status Application you can easily keep your friends in Facebook or Twitter up to date on what you watch and listen in Media Center. Application makes a Facebook wall post based on the media that is currently playing. Wall post will contain media name and optionally also media details fetched from Amazon. Twitter tweet is simpler and only contain text. You can also update the status to XML file and use it in any way you wish.

You can also follow your Twitter friends tweets using the application. You will get a notification in Media Center whenever someone you follow tweets. Tweet is shown 5 or 10 seconds depending on length of the tweet. Dialogs will automatically disappear after 5 or 10 seconds, or you can close it immediately by pressing OK in the tweet dialog (just press OK on remote control).

Status updates

You can fully customize the status strings. By default, if you're watching recorded TV, live TV, DVD or video, your status is updated to "is watching [program/video/DVD]".

If you're recording TV program, your status will be updated to "is recording [program]".

If you're watching pictures, you status will be changed to "is looking at pictures".

If you're listening to music status will be "is listening to [artist] - [track/album]". You may configure if status will be updated per track or per album.

Application checks Media Center status every 10 seconds (configurable) and only updates the status if change is detected.

Other features you can configure
- Confirmation before updating the status on Facebook or Twitter
- Get detailed media information from Amazon (cover, artist/album, rating, link to Amazon item)
- Limit which friends' tweets are shown in Media Center. If you don't set this, you see tweets from everyone you follow.
- Times between which the statuses are updated, e.g., only update my Twitter status between 8 pm and 2 am.
- Exclude some status updates based on the media title (uses regular expressions), e.g., don't update status if TV show title contains "wild" (but what would be the fun in that)
- Disable status events completely on certain media type, e.g., don't ever update status from any DVD being watched
- Clear XML status when exiting Media Center
- Suspend Tweet display for specific time period


- Windows Vista/7/8 with Media Center
- .NET Framework 2.0.
- Facebook or Twitter account (not needed if updating status only to XML file)

Facebook Instructions

1. Install using setup.msi, restart
2. Configure using Configuration tool (All programs -> Media Center Status Application)
3. Start Media Center
4. Login screen for Facebook is opened in separate window, login
5. If this is the first time running the application or extended permissions are missing, login window continues to Extended permission granting functionality. Grant permissions.
6. DONE! Add-in runs in background updating your Facebook status.

Twitter Instructions

1. Install using setup.msi, restart
2. Configure using Configuration tool (All programs -> Media Center Status Application). More instructions here.
3. Start Media Center
4. Login screen for Twitter is opened in separate window, login
5. DONE! Add-in runs in background updating your Twitter status and/or showing your friends' status updates.

Update instructions

1. Uninstall old version & restart
2. Install new version & restart

More information
- Changelog
- Definition of Configuration values used
- Blog or the application page on Facebook
- Twitter: @jussipalo
- Email: (hint, my first name is jussi and last name is palo).

You need to download correct version that matches your Windows version (32-bit or 64-bit). Fear not, you cannot install wrong version as the installation program will verify that you are attempting to install correct version. In case you have downloaded a version and during installation you get error message saying you need 32-bit or 64-bit version, just download the other version below. To get it right the first time, you can determine your Windows version using the instructions here.

Download 32-bit version (0.6.8)
Download 64-bit version (0.6.8)

Nothing, zero, null. If you feel your quality of life has improved after starting to use my app, please consider donating.