Figure skating point calculation application used for child series in Finland. Calculates and prints out results. More...

Windows Modern Application where you will see whose nameday it is today in your country, and you can also search for namedays per date. Live tile shows namedays for the current day. Supports US/UK English, German (Germany/Austria), Swedish, Finnish. Download

Sulava Text Analyzer
Office 2013 app that reads unstructured text, analyzes it, and returns results identifying social tags, entities, facts and events within the text. Uses OpenCalais. Also returns statistical information regarding the text, such as number of words and characters. Currently not available due to OpenCalais API changes. More...

Sulava Reader
Window 8 app showing blog posts by Sulava Oy, Microsoft Parner of the year 2013 in Finland. Also includes the best blogs about Information Work, and Microsoft ecosystem. More...

Media Center Status Application
Application for Windows Media Center that is used to update Facebook and Twitter status based on the media being watched/listened in Media Center. Also displays tweets from people you follow. Highly configurable. More...

Lumix Copier
Application for copying images and videos from memory cards of digital cameras. Copies files from memory card under a specified folder in folders according to date of picture/video taken. Finally deletes copied files from the memory card. Download...

Bang Bang
Game for babies, shows different pictures and plays different sounds when keyboard keys are pressed. Download

App for extracting MP3's from old iPods. Was created for 2G iPods. Download


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